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“Jennifer Ward has read my full cards once a year for 17 years and carried out relationship readings twice a year. I always feel safe with her reading, due to her respect for me, the cards, and herself.

The reading is always a very special experience. You will experience a connection and insight into known and unknown aspects of your life. She has given me messages about what is to come, which have been accurate and on point every time; sometimes with me challenging her message only to see it play out at a later date.

Some of my readings have been very emotional, particularly if I have been in a difficult space in my life. I trust Jennifer will always ensure I am ready to receive a reading or wait until I am. I have had readings from others, but few of them give time to really question and understand what is being received. Jennifer ensures you do not feel rushed.

I highly recommend Jennifer for everyone, from first timers to well-versed clients. Treat yourself! You will not regret it!”

At the start of the new year, I booked in a reading with Jennifer. I was a complete newbie to tarot card readings, having never had a reading and only knowing very little about the cards.about the cards.

Jennifer immediately made me feel at ease and talked me through each step of the reading, in order to understand what I was going to receive. I had a full general reading and a relationship reading and she gave me messages about what is happening currently and also what is to come and it was all very relevant and accurate. She allowed time for me to question and understand what was in front of me and I did not feel rushed at any point throughout the reading. It was a very special experience for me and I am so glad I booked in with Jennifer for my very first reading. I highly recommend Jennifer and will definitely be booking in with her again.

I have see Jennnifer twice for tarot readings and both times the readings were accurate. I was somewhat sceptical about readings before seeing Jennifer, but she was honest and open so that my misgivings proved unfounded. Very happy with the readings I had and the explanations given for anything I was uncertain about.

Happy enough to ask Jennifer to do a reading for my 70 year old Mum, who found her very easy to to understand and was very happy with the way her reading was conducted. I will definitely see Jennifer again.

I have always been very curious to have my cards read and so I thought that I would treat myself just before Christmas to a reading with Jennifer. When I arrived I was made to feel so welcome and at ease by Jennifer who is clearly very professional , knowledgeable and respectful of what she does.

I had never had my cards read before and so she talked me through everything with patience and answered my questions that I had. I was amazed and blown away by the accuracy of my reading and also given clarification on a few situations in my life currently. I’m so glad that I went to have my cards read and I can’t recommend Jennifer enough.

I had a reading today and although it was emotional I really enjoyed it!
I felt very comfortable and to say what was said was ‘on point’ would be an understatement.... looking at the cards in front of me was literally like looking in the mirror.

Highly recommended by a friend & more than happy to recommend to others

I had a reading today & was so thrilled with all I was told. Jennifer spent the day at my house as 6 of us had readings & all were so impressed and left very happy.

Thank you so much Jennifer, I’ll be recommending you and I’m certainly looking forward to having my next reading.

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